Cornelia Finster



Born in Bamberg in 1991. Studied law in Munich. First state examination in 2017, second state examination in 2020.

Legal clerkship at Munich I Regional Court, with practical stages including the construction department of the government of Upper Bavaria, a major law firm in the field of real estate law and a medium‑​sized law firm in Mexico City.

Research assistant at two law firms in Munich from 2017 to 2019.

Joined the law firm in 2020.


Private construction and architectural law, real estate law, litigation.

Out‑​of‑​court and in‑​court representation in construction and architectural disputes; legal assistance in major construction projects; advice in real estate law matters.


Reicherzer, M. and Finster, C. Baulandmobilisierung durch Gesetz? Was bringt die BauGB‑​Novelle? In: ZfIR 2021, S. 149 ff.

Eichberger, T. and Finster, C. Die Vollmacht des Architekten und Eigenhaftung bei vollmachtloser Auftragserteilung. In: AnwZert BauR 2019, Heft 1, Anm. 2.


German, English, Spanish

Cornelia Finster

Cornelia Finster

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