Daniel Hürter



Born in Bonn in 1979. Studied law in Bonn. 2005 first State examination, 2011 second State examination. Research assistant at Redeker Sellner Dahs 2005‐2010 (private construction law).

Joined the firm in 2011.


Private construction and property law, law governing architects, engineers and project management, complementary areas of property law (acquisition, use and enjoyment, and sale of property), contract law.

Member of ARGE Building Law — Working Group for Building and Real Estate Law in the German Bar Association.

Head of trainee work groups at the Regional Court of Cologne. Lecturer in building contract law in the MBE construction operations // management / processes / technology of Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Providing legal advice in the construction of the „Hirschhagen tunnel“ infrastructure project. Providing comprehensive legal advice to and acting as counsel for the client in connection with the collapse of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne in 2009. Trying numerous lawsuits related to the construction of new hotels. Providing ongoing comprehensive legal advice and acting as counsel in court for contractors and developers during major construction projects. Drafting of a wide spectrum of contracts.


Publications on private construction law, esp. co‐author of Messerschmidt/​Niemöller/​Preussner, Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure.


Daniel Hürter

Daniel Hürter
specialist attorney for construction and architectural law

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