Dieter Merkens



Studied law in Bonn. 1986 first State examination, 1989 second State examination.

Joined the firm in 1989.


Civil procedure law, property law, law governing contracts in the telecommunications sector, architectural law, corporate law, general civil law, in particular law governing contracts and torts.

Listed by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in litigation (since 2021) and award as “Law Firm of the Year 2022 in Construction Law”. Listed by Wirtschaftswoche as “Top Lawyers in Construction Law (2024)" and “Law Firm of the Year in Construction Law (2024)".

Lecturer at the University of Marburg. Lecturer in property and civil law. Lecturer at the Bonn Regional Court for “Referendararbeitsgruppen”.

Acting as legal advisor during the new Niederfinow ship lift construction project. Providing legal advice in the „Hirschhagen tunnel“ infrastructure construction project. Providing legal advice in the construction of the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB). Extensive experience with major lawsuits, representing managers, IT and telecommunication companies, and in the area of construction and architectural law.


Publications: co‐editor of the “Handbuch Bauprozess”, co‐editor of the commentary “Kapellmann/​Messerschmidt VOB/​B”, co‐editor of “Messerschmidt, Handbuch der Deutschen Rechtspraxis”, co‑​editor and author of the Festschrift für Burkhard Messerschmidt for the 65th birthday (“Bau- und Architektenrecht” Verlag C.H. Beck 2018).


* member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Dieter Merkens

Dieter Merkens
specialist attorney for construction and architectural law

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