Dr Dominik Snjka



Born in 1986 in Herdecke a. d. R., studied at the University of Bonn stays abroad in Santiago de Chile, first state examination in 2014, second state examination in 2020, legal clerkship with stations in the construction law department of the law firm, in the legal department of the Federal Network Agency as well as in the environmental law department of RWE Power AG in Cologne.

2014 to 2018 research assistant to Prof Dr Dr Wolfgang Durner LL.M. at the Institute for Public Law and the Institute for Water and Waste Management Law, one‑​year research stay at the International Maritime Law Institute (IMO) in Malta, 2020 doctorate in international planning law.

2021 Joining the firm


Environmental and planning law as well as public commercial law, in particular building law, and state planning law, planning approval law, mining law, water law, nature conservation law, pollution control law, tax law.

Advising and representing clients in connection with private and public construction and infrastructure projects, in particular in the energy industry, advising and representing municipalities and developers in urban land use planning procedures, advising and representing large and medium‑​sized companies as well as the public sector in mining law matters, advising on legal issues of industrial drainage systems, advising on tax law in construction and water law contexts, advising and representing companies in the gambling sector, advising and representing in assembly law matters as well as matters of municipal fiscal equalization.


Publications on environmental and planning law



German, English, Spanish

Dr Dominik Snjka

Dr Dominik Snjka

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