Dr Matthias Kottmann, Maître en Droit

Senior Associate

Born in Mutlangen in 1981. Studied law in Tübingen and Aix‐en‐Provence 2002‐2008. 2008 first State examination, 2014 second State examination. 2009‐2013 research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. 2013 doctorate degree with Prof Dr Armin von Bogdandy at Frankfurt/​Main University; Walter‐Kolb‐Gedächtnispreis (dissertation award) 2013.

Joined the firm in 2014.


EU law, constitutional law, international economic law.

Extensive litigation before the Union Courts, including Facebook pages (C‑210/16), copyright and ancillary copyright (C‑299/17, C‑117/15), data retention (C‑203/15) and access to documents (T‑762/16, T‑827/17, T‑15/18, T‑442/18).

Extensive litigation before the Federal Constitutional Court, including on the radio contribution (1 BvR 1675/16), on data retention (1 BvR 141/16), on the Banking Union (2 BvR 1685/14) on intellectual property (1 BvR 2884/16) and on “Hartz Ⅳ" (1 BvL 7/16).


Numerous Publications on EU law, constitutional law, and international law.



German, English, French

Dr Matthias Kottmann, Maître en Droit

Dr Matthias Kottmann, Maître en Droit

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