Dr Max Reicherzer



Studied law and legal traineeship in Munich and Bonn, first state examination in 1998, second in 2000. Worked with the Chair of Public Law of the Ludwig‑​Maximilians‑​University Munich of Prof Dr Hans‑​Jürgen Papier, President of the Federal Constitutional Court (ret.), dissertation on law‑​preparatory agreements on the reference case of nuclear phase‑​out.

Since 2003, worked as a lawyer and specialist lawyer for administrative law in a law firm specialising in municipal consulting.

From 2011 attorney in a major law firm for energy and infrastructure law, partner since 2015, team leader planning and permit law.

2019 Joined the law firm.


Environmental and planning law, public building law, building land development, advice to local authorities on land acquisition, conversion of real estate, permit law, urban development contracts (target commitment, development, follow‑​up costs), regional planning and planning approval procedures. Municipal commercial law, law of inter‑​municipal cooperation, constitutional law.

Listed by Best Lawyers/​Handelsblatt in “Germany's best lawyers” in environmental law (since 2021).

Member of the Society for Environmental Law e. V.

Conception of building land development models for numerous cities and municipalities in Bavaria, Baden‑​Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland‑​Palatinate, local models, family and settlement models, socially equitable land use; support in the preparation of regional planning and planning‑​approval procedure for three pumped storage power plants; Legal support in approval and land‑​use planning procedure for various wind farms, securing the location of the wind farm plots, strategic planning advice for companies in the wind‑​energy sector; legal advice and support in project‑​related development plans, in particular for ground‑​mounted photovoltaic plants, hotels, boarding houses and supermarkets; legal advice in the establishment of new secondary schools within the framework of inter‑​municipal cooperation, reorganisation of special‑​purpose associations and municipal companies.


Co‑​author in Wuttig/​Thimet, Gemeindliches Satzungsrecht, Jehle‑​Rehm‑​Verlag. Documentation No. 147 with the Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund and the Bayerischer Gemeindetag: Bezahlbaren Wohnraum schaffen. Reicherzer, Vorhabenbezogener Bebauungsplan und Durchführungsverpflichtung – was passiert nach Ablauf der Durchführungsfrist?, in: Mitschang, Raumordnungs- und Bauleitplanung aktuell, Vol. 34, p. 161 et seq.



German, English, French

* member of the partnership with limited professional liability

Dr Max Reicherzer

Dr Max Reicherzer
specialist attorney for administrative law

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