Paul Lieber

senior associate


Studied political science and law in Münster and Lisbon. First state examination in 2018, second state examination in 2021.

2019 research assistant at a major international law firm in Berlin in the field of public commercial law and product‑​related environmental law. Legal traineeship at the Regional Court of Leipzig with stations at the Saxon State Chancellery, the Saxon State Directorate and Redeker Sellner Dahs, among others.

Joined the law firm in 2021.


Public procurement law, Public commercial law, tax law, municipal law.

Consulting services for public contracting authorities and bidding companies in various Procurement procedures according to VgV, VOB/A, KonzVgV and UVgO. Conception and Preparation of tender and award documents for public contracting authorities Contracting authorities in the context of procurement procedures. Representation of public Contracting authorities and bidders in review proceedings and claims for damages, including repeated representation of federal government companies in the award of construction Construction services in the transportation sector. Preparation of expert opinions on public procurement law Issues (public contracting authority status, Contracting authority status, sector contracting authority status, in‑​house capability, admissibility of Contract amendments during the term of the contract, etc.). Advice to a Contracting authority in the gas and heating sector on various sector procurement law issues.

Consulting and Representation of public authorities and public enterprises as well as private private economic operators on general administrative and tax law issues tax law issues. Advice to various public authorities in the water water/​wastewater sector (special‑​purpose association, public public law) on issues relating to the levying of contributions and charges and the drafting of Drafting of statutes.


Pommer, S. and Lieber, P. Wasser und Abwasser in der Pandemie: die Rolle von Wasser und Abwasser im Infektionsschutz. In: SächsVBl 2022, p. 61 ff.


German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Paul Lieber

Paul Lieber

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