Dr Simone Lünenbürger

Senior Counsel

Born 1969 in Landau, Germany. Studied law at the University of Mannheim. 1994 first State examination, 1999 second State examination. From 1994 to 1997, research associate at the Lorenz‐von‐Stein‐Institute for Administrative Law Studies at the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel, Germany. 1998 doctoral degree with Prof Dr von Mutius, Kiel.

Joined the firm in Bonn in 1999, resident in the Brussels office since 2010.


Regulatory law and sector‐specific antitrust law, constitutional law, State aid law and EU law.

Member of the German Bar Association’s “Administrative Law Working Group” for the Land of North Rhine‐Westphalia.


Works as expert and lecturer in State aid law, especially on factual issues and services of general economic interest (SGEI), as well as in environmental, infrastructure, and maritime‐travel aid law, amomg others, research projects for UBA/​BMUB “Rechtliche Untersuchung des Begriffs der Umweltbezogenen Mehrkosten in den Umweltbeihilfeleitlinien” and “EU‐Beihilfepolitik – Analyse der Auswirkungen des neuen Beihilferechts unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Instruments der Ex post‐Evaluierung”. Besides that, publications on regulatory law and pollution tax as well as finance law in the constitutional context.



German, English, French

Dr Simone Lünenbürger

Dr Simone Lünenbürger

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