Dr Udo Söns



Born 1978 in Frechen near Cologne. Studied law at the universities of Bonn and Uppsala, Sweden. 2004 first State examination, 2009 second State examination. 2004‐2009, doctoral degree at Bochum University.

Joined the firm in 2009.


Private construction and property law, plant construction law, legal advice accompanying large building projects, project management law, law governing architects and engineers, contract design, contract law and litigation.

Member Deutscher Baugerichtstag e. V., of the Bonn Bar Association and of the German Bar Association.

Legal advice in adjucation proceedings lasting several years in the infrastructure sector. Legal advisor and claim management on a major construction project in the energy sector (plant construction). Legal advisor in the construction of infrastructure projects. Conduct of conciliation proceedings related to the Rastatt tunnel collapse.


Publication on private construction law, co‐author of Messerschmidt/​Niemöller/​Preussner, Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure, dissertation: Biobanken im Spannungsfeld von Persönlichkeitsrecht und Forschungsfreiheit, Hamburg 2008.



German, English

Dr Udo Söns

Dr Udo Söns
specialist attorney for construction and architectural law

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