Dr Ulrich Karpenstein


Born in Brussels in 1968. 1994 first State examination, 1999 second State examination. Research assistant for German and Foreign Public Law, International and European Law in Mannheim and Fribourg (Switzerland), 1994‐1996. 1998 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Riedel.

Joined the firm in 2000.


European law, constitutional law, State aid, commercial administration law (esp. energy, finance, and healthcare).

Listed as one of the Best Lawyers in public law (since 2009) by Handelsblatt and – as only German lawyer – in EU law (since 2014); listed by Juve as leading name in constitutional law and commercial administrative law (since 2013/14) and by Chambers Europe 2019 in public law – Germany. Listed by Legal 500 as “leading name” in public law – State aid and recommended in State aid.

Plenipotentiary of the Federal Government, counsel for associations and enterprises in over 80 proceedings before EU Courts and the Federal Constitutional Court, for example in a proceeding involving banning the NPD, on the phase‑​out of nuclear power, emissions trading and telecommunications data retention; regularly serving as counsel for enterprises for the exploitation of third‑​party rights and publishing houses in landmark cases involving intellectual property rights; charitable organisations and the German Länder on conformity of subsidies for not‑​for‑​profit services with law governing state aid; assessments of legislative bills


Co‐editor of Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW), of Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW), and of a commentary on the European Convention on Human Rights.

Publications: various articles on constitutional law and European law, co‐author of various commentaries on economic administrative and EU law, including in Grabitz/​Hilf, “Recht der Europäischen Union” (law of the European Union), Schwarze, “EU‐Kommentar” (EU Commentary), “Münchener Kommentar zum Wettbewerbsrecht – Beihilfen‐ und Vergaberecht” (Munich commentary on competition law – State aid and procurement law); selected monographs: “Praxis des EU‐Rechts” (EU‐Law for practitioners), 2nd ed. 2013, “Europäisches Exportkontrollrecht für Dual‐use‐Güter” (European export control law for dual‐use goods), 1998.



German, English, French

Dr Ulrich Karpenstein

Dr Ulrich Karpenstein

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