Dr Clemens Holtmann

Born in Münster in 1976. Studied law and French law in Münster, 2000 first State examination, 2001‐2003 research associate in a law firm in Hamburg, 2004 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Hans Peter Bull, Hamburg, 2003‐2005 trainee lawyer in Hamburg and Paris, 2005 second State examination, 2005 joined the public administration of the Federal State of Hamburg, lastly Deputy Director of the Joint Representation of the federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig‐Holstein to the EU (Hanse‐Office) in Brussels.

Joined the firm in 2013.

State aid law, EU law, national and European funding law, data protection law.

Publications on State aid law and European law, among others co‐author in Münchener Kommentar zum Europäischen und Deutschen Wettbewerbsrecht (Beihilfenrecht).

Languages spoken: German, English, French, Italian.

Dr Clemens Holtmann


Dr Clemens Holtmann

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