Florian van Schewick
Senior Associate

Born in Bonn in 1984. Studied law in Bonn and Lausanne. Trainee lawyer in Bonn with stations at the German University for Administrative Sciences in Speyer as well as with a commercial law firm in Düsseldorf and Brussels. 2010 first State examination, 2014 second State examination. 2010‐2012 research assistant with the firm. Currently working on doctoral thesis with Prof Dr Gärditz (Bonn University) on a fundamental rights topic.

Joined the law firm in 2014.

Constitutional and EU law, public commercial law (esp. product law, technical security law, product approval procedures, data protection law), compliance advice, environmental law.

Publications on administrative procedural law, international humanitarian law, and construction product law.

Languages spoken: German, English, French.

Florian van Schewick


Florian van Schewick
Senior Associate

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