Dr Friedwald Lübbert

Born in Westerkappeln, Westphalia in 1953. Studied law and political science in Bonn. 1976 first State examination, 1979 second State examination. Research assistant at the Institute for Civil Procedure Law at the University of Bonn, 1974 to 1980. 1981 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Bosch, Bonn.

Joined the firm in 1982.

General civil law, in particular law governing contracts and torts, corporate law, banking and finance law, inheritance law.

Vice president/member of Steering Committee of the German Bar Association. Member of the representatives' assembly of the pension scheme for lawyers in the State (Land) of North Rhine‐Westphalia. Member of the State Examination Office at the Ministry of Justice North Rhine‐Westphalia. Member of the board of the Federation of German Independent Professionals (BFB) in Berlin.

Publications: “Die grobe Unbilligkeit des nachehelichen Unterhalts (§ 1579 German Civil Code)”.

Dr Friedwald Lübbert


Dr Friedwald Lübbert

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