Dr Christian Mensching, LL.M. (Columbia)

Born in Brussels in 1977. Studied law at the University of Bonn. 2002 first State examination, 2006 second State examination. 2002‐2003 research associate at the Chair of Prof Dr Herdegen. 2003‐2004 Columbia University School of Law, New York, USA, received an LL.M. in 2004.

Joined the firm in 2007.

Press and broadcasting law, new media, constitutional law, European and international law.

Member of the German‐American Lawyers' Association. Member of the intellectual property and media working group of the German Bar Association.

Publications in the fields of public, European and international law.

Languages spoken: German, English.

Dr Christian Mensching, LL.M. (Columbia)


Dr Christian Mensching, LL.M. (Columbia)

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