Employment law

Employment Law

We have been providing legal advice on employment law for more than thirty‐five years. We advise and represent clients in and on severance negotiations, proceedings against unfair dismissal, and other employment protection proceedings. In addition, we advise on works constitution law, collective bargaining, employment protection and associated social security law. We draft and check employment contracts and service contracts and offer assistance in connection with all questions that may arise over the course of an employer‐employee relationship.

Our areas of expertise

  • Individual employment law (the employer‐employee relationship)
  • Collective employment law (labour relations, tariff agreements, employee participation)
  • Civil service employment law
  • Temporary employment
  • Church employment law


Employees in medium‐sized businesses and research institutions, employers in the banking sector, Federal Government ministries and other public institutions, recipients of funds, religious, charitable and political employers, supervisory and management boards, executive boards, directors, senior executives.