Press, media, and culture

Press, Media, and Culture

We advise and represent na­tional and interna­tional clients in and on all areas of press and media law. Our core expertise lies in the protection against illegal reporting in the press and media regula­tion. We are also well‐versed in the discrete and effective background work which is often required in press law.

Our areas of expertise

  • Press law and freedom of speech
  • Crisis management in press affairs
  • Constitutional law in the media sector
  • Broadcasting
  • Freedom of informa­tion
  • Competition and merger control in the media sector
  • Art law


Companies, prominent per­sonalities of public life (especially in politics, science and sports), universities, university clinics and hospitals, public authorities, ministries and other public institutions, associa­tions, broadcasters, state media authorities as well as private clients.