Redeker Sellner Dahs strengthens position of senior counsel

Bonn, 1 September 2023. Redeker Sellner Dahs continues to refine the firm's career model: in order to underscore their important status in the firm, senior counsel are to be made associate partners.

In addition to an attractive and higher level of remuneration, associate partners are to receive wide‑​ranging rights involving them in decisions shaping the firm.

The associate partner career level is designed to be permeable and to accommodate the different life plans and life situations of Redeker lawyers.

The Partners' Meeting decides on appointments to associate partner. An associate partnership offers maximum possible flexibility: lawyers can fill the position permanently – depending on how their individual life circumstances or career goals develop. It is also possible for them to change to an equity partnership later on.

“With the new status, we stress both the attractiveness of the associated partnership and the esteem in which we hold colleagues in this position,” explains Andreas Okonek, chair of the firm's Management Committee. “We offer our colleagues attractive options and flexible models encouraging them to remain with the firm long‑​term, regardless of how their personal circumstances and goals evolve.”

Up until the decision on the associate partner, a career path at Redeker Sellner Dahs goes through several stages individually supported by mentors. Lawyers begin their career at Redeker as an associate. After two to three years, they advance to the next career and salary level with the status of senior associate, which includes a bonus component. The career stage of counsel is for a three‑​year period, and is accompanied by several additional increases in salary. After a total of seven to eight years, the decision is then made on admittance to equity partnership or associate partnership.

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