Dr Gero Ziegenhorn

Senior Counsel

Born in Hannover in 1977. Studied law in Würzburg, Leuven and Lausanne. 2003 first State examination, 2007 second State examination. 2008 doctoral degree with Prof Dr Dr Udo Di Fabio. Research assistant at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Di Fabio, Institute for Public Law – Constitutional Law Division – of Bonn University in 2003–2005, focus on German and European constitutional law.

Joined the firm in 2008.


Data protection law, public economic law, European law.

Listed as top attorney in data protection law (2019) by Wirtschaftswoche.

EuroPriSe Expert for data protection law, member of Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e. V.

Comprehensive advice in the area of data protection law and acting as legal counsel for groups such as Coca‑​Cola European Partners; data protection advice for associations such as the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso‑​Unternehmen e. V. (Federal Association of German Debt Collectors – BDIU); legal advice and acting as counsel on codes of conduct under the GDPR; legal advice for companies on data protection audits and certifications, in particular on the European Data Protection Seal of Quality; in‑​house training on data protection law.

Regular legal advice and serving as legal counsel for companies before data protection supervisory authorities, including Debeka (2014/2015); advice to various federal and state authorities on data protection law; acting as counsel in litigation involving the Lower Saxony Data Protection Authority against Google and ULD Schleswig‑​Holstein against Facebook in Facebook Fanpage proceedings before the European Court of Justice; many years of experience in litigation before administrative courts in public commercial law, in particular gambling law.


Publications on Data Protection and European law.



German, English, French

Dr Gero Ziegenhorn

Dr Gero Ziegenhorn

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