Regulatory law, privatisation

Regulatory law

Regulatory law is an area of the law that creates an interface between commercial law, administrative law and antitrust law, which can be divided into different sectors. The objective of regulatory law is to regulate competition beyond general antitrust law and influence market structures. It is predominantly concerned with questions relating to infrastructure facilities and the fees charged for using them. Our practice group of highly specialised and experienced lawyers advises and represents clients in and on regulatory law.

Our areas of expertise

We advise on all fundamental aspects of railway infrastructure access.
Since the amendment of the Energy Industry Act in 2005, we have been advising on regulatory aspects of the energy industry.
Postal services:
Since the entry into force of the Postal Services Act on 1 January 1998, we have been involved in all types of regulatory proceedings.
Telecommunications law has been one of our practice areas since the liberalisation of the telecommunications market in 1997. In this field we are involved in numerous types of regulatory proceedings.


We advise and represent, inter alia, leading infrastructure companies from various sectors, such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Bahn AG.