Redeker lawyer Dr. Roya Sangi invited as speaker to a public hearing of the European Economic and Social Committee

Brussels/Berlin, 2 November 2021. The European Economic and Social Committee ( EESC) heard
Dr Roya Sangi, Máster en Filosofía Política on 29 October 2021 as speaker on the current rule of law crisis in the European Union. The EESC was addressing the new regulations on the protection of the EU budget and their suitability for enforcing rule of law principles. Dr. Roya Sangi in particular commented on the so‑​called rule of law mechanism and the budgetary conditionality rule, the oral hearing held by the European Court of Justice regarding this matter, and the European Parliament's lawsuit against the European Commission over rule of law inaction.

Dr. Roya Sangi, Máster en Filosofía Política, has been a lawyer practicing at the law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs in Berlin since 2017. She acts as counsel and advises enterprises and public bodies across Europe on constitutional and European law issues. She has previously served as an expert at a hearing before the Thuringian Landtag. In the capacity of expert, she represents the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) in the SLAPP expert group of the European Commission and is a member and European representative of the Constitutional Law Committee of the German Bar Association (DAV).

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