Redeker Sellner Dahs advises Deutsche Bahn in design of contracts

Procurement of new high‑​speed rail rolling stock fleet

Berlin, 2 August 2023. Redeker Sellner Dahs is helping Deutsche Bahn gain traction in innovative fields going for‑​ward: In the procurement of rolling stock for its next‑​gen high‑​speed trains, Deutsche Bahn is applying a procurement strategy that also poses new challenges when it comes to the drafting of contractual agreements.

In an initial step, Deutsche Bahn commissioned two manufacturers of rolling stock to devel‑​op a strategy for the next‑​gen ICE (Deutsche Bahn's bullet train) independently of each oth‑​er, while working in close collaboration with Deutsche Bahn's experts. Once this strategy has been elaborated, a new invitation for bids is to be put out to tender. This will encompass the development, production and inspection approval for the new fleet of rolling stock. Addi‑​tional producers will also be able to submit bids. The procurement process is designed so that Deutsche Bahn will be able to actively contribute its expertise as a railway operator. The overall procurement project has an investment volume in the realm of several billion Euros.

Redeker Sellner Dahs is advising Deutsche Bahn on contract law in this large‑​scale project. Attainment of the enterprise's aspiring goals and objectives – including a significant reduc‑​tion in total CO2 emissions and a doubling of the annual passenger volume while boosting the modal share of freight transport by rail and contributing to European connectivity – is assured on the footing of contractual agreements designed by RSD's experts in law governing service contracts. The Redeker team led by Sabine Wildfeuer and Dr Udo Söns is well‑​versed in contract law, with extensive experience in agile projects for research companies and project sponsors. The team has also stood at the side of Deutsche Bahn in the implemen‑​tation of major infrastructural and building projects. Redeker designed the development con‑​tract for the rolling stock concept subsequently concluded with two highly reputed manufac‑​turers of rolling stock in close collaboration with Deutsche Bahn's legal department. The mandate to provide legal advice in the field of contract law in the development of a pro‑​curement strategy was awarded to RSD following its successful pitch.

Redeker Sellner Dahs has many years of expertise in the design of complex contracts to serve as the foundation for innovative projects.

The team led by Sabine Wildfeuer, Dr. Udo Söns and Caroline Glasmacher is active in the research and education sector as well as in infrastructure projects for non‑​university research institutes, business enterprises, project sponsors and government ministries at federal and Länder levels. Redeker Sellner Dahs has been advising Deutsche Bahn in drafting contractu‑​al agreements and supporting projects while serving as counsel in litigation for many years. A collaborative approach and integrated project management strategy have increasingly been employed in recent years in connection with major construction projects.

Mandates from the field of education and research also often revolve around the design and drafting of research and development agreements, with special attention to agile develop‑​ment methods. In recent years, development methods along these lines, in which the client works closely with the manufacturer as a contractor during the development process, have not only been adopted in digitalisation projects, but are also increasingly being leveraged in the product development field. Drawing on its expertise in contract and IP/​IT law, Redeker Sellner Dahs advises clients in connection with administrative digitisation projects, the crea‑​tion of digital platforms and the development of innovative products and services.

Inhouse Legal: Eckart Werneburg (Legal Department – Head of Claims); Dr. Raphael Beer‑​mann (Legal Department – Claims)

Redeker Sellner Dahs (Berlin/​Bonn): Sabine Wildfeuer (Partner/​Berlin), Dr. Udo Söns (Part‑​ner/​Bonn; both acting as leads), Caroline Glasmacher (Senior Associate/​Berlin), Dr. Sophie Beaucamp (Associate/​Berlin), Cornelia Finster (Senior Associate/​Munich), Bartholomäus Aengenvoort (Partner/​Bonn), Dr. Lars Klein (Partner/​Bonn), Markus Frank (Counsel/​Bonn), Julian Vollmer (Associate/​Bonn)

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