“Turning development plans into action plans”

Redeker Sellner Dahs drafts practical guide to the German Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz)

Munich, 20 May 2022. Together with the German Association of Cities and Municipalities (DStGB), Redeker Sellner Dahs has drafted a practical manual guiding cities and municipalities through the new German Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz). The aim and intent of the act, which has been in force since 23 June 2021, is to ease the tight supply situation that has had the German housing market in its grip.

In many communities, affordable housing is not available in sufficient quantities. This applies not only to large cities, but also to suburbs and other highly coveted and hence high‑​price locations. The new Building Land Mobilisation Act expands municipalities' options to act to alleviate the pressure. The new toolbox for municipalities includes: A sectoral development plan for residential development, expanded rights of first refusal (municipal pre‑​emption rights), internal development concepts, a widening of building rights in the form of exemptions, and a new residential zoning type called “village housing”.

These tools, which are laid down by law, are part and parcel of a comprehensive set of measures adopted by the Federal Government to cope with thorny housing problems. Through these statutory innovations, cities and municipalities now have additional means to foster the expansion of building land.

The documentation prepared by Redeker lawyers Dr Max Reicherzer, Dr Marco Rietdorf, Dr Jan Mädler and Dr Dominik Snjka goes well beyond a mere discussion of these innovative measures. It also analyses interrelationships with the already existing set of possibilities and instruments. Old and the new can thus be combined in a potent combination of options. Documentation is available online.

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