Redeker Sellner Dahs appoints three counsel and twelve senior associates

Bonn, 27 January 2021. At its Partners' Meeting, the Redeker Sellner Dahs law firm has decided to appoint 15 lawyers as counsel and senior associates.

Dr Julian Augustin, Tobias Ody and Florian van Schewick now hold the position of counsel at the law firm.

Dr. Julian Augustin, who joined the firm in 2015, practices in the fields of public construction and planning law, environmental law and public procurement law at the Berlin office; Tobias Ody, who also joined Redeker in 2015, is specialised in public commercial law, in particular gaming law, constitutional law and European law, and works at the Berlin and Bonn offices. Florian van Schewick has been practicing at the Bonn office in the fields constitutional and European law as well as public commercial law and has been providing advice on compliance since 2014.

Appointed as senior associates:

Florian Beck, Berlin, public building and planning law, environmental law and constitutional law
Dr Cathrin Brünkmans, Bonn, company law and M&A
Dr Moritz Gabriel, Bonn, public commercial law, European and constitutional law
Caroline Glasmacher, LL.M. (Melbourne), Berlin, IT law, intellectual property law and commercial law
Dr Christian Hirzebruch, Bonn, environmental law as well as public building and planning law
Dr Jan Mädler, Bonn, public procurement law and public commercial law
Theresa Philippi, Bonn, constitutional and European law and advising clients on compliance
Dr. Diane Rataj, Berlin, data privacy law
Liza Schäfer, German and European antitrust law, compliance, EU law
Stephan Schuck, Bonn, press law and freedom of speech as well as intellectual property law
Dr Alexander Schüßler, Bonn, building and real estate law
Dr Xenia Zwanziger, LL.M. (Cape Town), Berlin, building and planning law as well as environmental law

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