Environmental State aid – study for the German ministry on ex‐post evaluation

Brussels, 30 May 2018. The EU Commission recently introduced new obligations for the ex‐post evaluation of State aid schemes for member states. To prepare for upcoming submissions to the Commission the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the associated Environmental Agency engaged the law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs (Dr Simone Lünenbürger, Dr Gero Ziegenhorn, Dr Andreas Rosenfeld, Dr Ulrich Karpenstein) and E.CA Economics (Dr. Hans W. Friederiszick, Dr. Linda Gratz, Dr. Michael Rauber, Dr. Daniel Streitz) for an interdisciplinary research project on ex‐post evaluations of environmental aid. To assess the probability with which the Commission would request an ex‐post evaluation of an environmental State aid scheme, the team designed a novel warning system. Moreover, a roadmap helping to steer the organisation, scope and timing of an ex‐post evaluation by the ministry was developed. The most important methodical issues when carrying out an ex‐post evaluation were explained using examples of environmental aid schemes. The legal analysis included the data‐protection framework and the requirements regarding the expert`s independency for upcoming ex‐post evaluations.

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