“Law Firm of the Year 2023 in Environmental Law”. Two Redeker partners commended with “Lawyer of the Year 2023”

35 Redeker lawyers listed in “Germany

Bonn, 19 June 2023. Handelsblatt publishing house in collaboration with US publisher Best Lawyers has named Redeker Sellner Dahs “Law Firm of the Year 2023 in Environmental Law” in the current law firm and lawyer ranking. In addition, two Redeker partners were singled out for citation as “Lawyer of the Year 2023”: Dr Ronald Reichert in regulatory law and Professor Thomas Thierau in construction law.

The “Germany's Best Lawyers 2023” lawyer ranking also includes 35 lawyers from Redeker Sellner Dahs on its list:

Bonn office:
Bartholomäus Aengenvoort: Construction Law
Dr Christian‑​Dietrich Bracher: Health Law, Public Commercial Law
Axel Groeger: Labour Law
Prof Philipp Hummel: Construction Law
Dr Lars Klein: Construction Law
Gernot Lehr: Media Law, Public Commercial Law
Prof Dr Heiko Lesch: Commercial Criminal Law
Dr Jürgen Lüders, vBP (ret.): M&A
Dieter Merkens: Litigation
Prof Dr Burkhard Messerschmidt: Construction Law
Prof Dr Bernd Müssig: Commercial Criminal Law
Dr Daniel Neuhöfer, LL.M.: Compliance, Commercial Criminal Law
Andreas Okonek: Advertising Law
Dr Kay Artur Pape: Public Commercial Law
Dr Ronald Reichert: Regulatory Law
Dr Andreas Rosenfeld: Antitrust Law
Prof Dr Wolfgang Roth, LL.M. (Michigan): Regulatory Law, Telecommunications Law
Prof Thomas Thierau: Construction Law
Stefan Tysper: Environmental Law
Dr Jakob Wulff: Corporate, M&A

Berlin office:
Ulrich Birnkraut: Real Estate Law
Prof Dr Peter‑​Andreas Brand: Corporate, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation
Dr Frank Fellenberg, LL.M. (Cambridge): Environmental Law, Public Commercial Law
Dr Stephan Gerstner: Energy Sector
Dr Ulrich Karpenstein: Antitrust Law, European Law, Government Relations Practice, Public Commercial Law
Dr Tobias Masing: Public Commercial Law
Prof Dr Olaf Reidt: Construction law, Environmental Law, Building Planning Law, Public Commercial Law, Public Private Partnerships
Hartmut Scheidmann: Environmental Law
Dr Gernot Schiller: Building Planning Law
Dr Dieter Sellner: Environmental Law, Public Commercial Law
Sabine Wildfeuer: IT Law
Dr Gero Ziegenhorn: Data Protection Law, Public Commercial Law

Leipzig office:
Dr Thomas Stickler: Construction Law

Munich office:
Hans‑​Peter Hoh: Project Financing and Development
Dr Max Reicherzer: Environmental Law

In addition, Dr Lukas Schefer (Compliance, Commercial Criminal Law, Criminal Tax Law) was included on the “Ones to Watch 2023” list by Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers.

“We are very pleased about 35 Redeker colleagues being recommended as 'best lawyers' in Germany out of a total 25 fields of law and take this as confirmation of our tremendous legal expertise. Commendation of the law firm as 'Law Firm of the Year 2023 in Environmental Law' also underscores the superb work performed by our environmental law team and the pivotal importance of this area of law”, is how Andreas Okonek, Chairman of the Management Committee of Redeker Sellner Dahs, commented on the performance in the law firm and lawyers ranking.

US publisher Best Lawyers© compiles exclusively for Handelsblatt an annual list of German lawyers in various fields of practice recommended by peers. The participants are asked which colleagues outside their own law firm they would consult if they were unable to serve a client themselves due to time constraints or a conflict of interest. Handelsblatt publishes the results each year in summer.

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